Sunday, 6 August 2017

Hi Lovelies,

Wowsers did I self sabotage this weekend. I fucking binged all weekend. I was hungry all day on Fridat. Kept trying to tell myself to hold off til Saturday because I knew I was taking my son to the show and all that would be there was crap like fries. I caved and went to try this local vegan restaurant amd gorged on Fried Kway Tao, dumplings amd steamed rolls. Not going to lie it was delicious but hate to think how manu calories.

Saturday I attempted to be healthy and all I had was a salad before the show. Once I got there it was a free for all. I eveb threw my vegan values out the window amd consumed fudge puppies, funnel cakes, fried mozzerella sticks and bbq meatlovers pizza. Then on the way home I stopped to grab my partner dinner and got a vegan pasta as well.

Yesterday I didnt even attempt to eat healthy and started the day off with vegan nachos, had a homemade vegan pizza for dinner and liquorice for desset and some fruit and coconut yogurt.

Some how I only gained 1.2kgs. Was expecting to gain like four. Today I am being better. Im trialling a vegan donut recipe for my cake business and will be making a batch tonight so of course Ill have one. Atm with my calories all added for the day I am at 1047 cals but they may drop. Depends whether I need three coffees today. Have to see how the work day goes. But on the plus side I started walking to the station today. Its only 15 mins each way but its something.

Well thats me for today.

Love JB

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